What's New With Passiv v2

March 22nd, 2019

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We’ve got some exciting news: version 2 (v2) of Passiv has launched. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s changed:

  1. You asked, we listened. V2 supports decimals when choosing your target allocation.
  2. A simpler way to link multiple accounts. Rather than having to go through the current authorization process (which can take a few days), you can now link your partner’s account from directly within Passiv.
  3. V2 features an improved interface that has better mobile support. You’ll be able to check your Passiv accounts from anywhere.
  4. The new user interface also gives us the foundation we need to release more features. Look out for cross-account balancing and support for USD, which will be released soon after v2.

And since you read all that, here’s a little thank-you: a screenshot of the new dashboard. Then log in to see it yourself!

A screenshot of the Passiv dashboard.

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