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How to Have Multiple Portfolios for One Account?

In Passiv, target allocations are associated with Portfolio groups, not brokerage accounts. That means that you can have multiple portfolio groups with different allocations for a single account. This comes in handy if you want to have 2 virtual portfolios using the same account. All you have to do is create a new portfolio group and drag your account from one portfolio group to the other* to see how each portfolio group is doing.

If you exclude assets in your target allocation, you can even “split” your account into multiple portfolios that you can manage separately. Here’s an example to help you understand how it can help:

Let’s say you have an account with domestic and international stocks. You would like to split it to see the domestic ones and the international ones separately.

First let’s create a domestic portfolio: in your current portfolio, Edit Targets and exclude all the international assets and rename it “Domestic”.

Then create a second portfolio: go to the Accounts box in Settings. Click Edit Groups and drag your account from your Domestic portfolio to a New Group. Go to that New Group and rename it “International”. Edit Targets and exclude all domestic assets.

Here you have two portfolios with a separate view of domestic and international assets. You can go back to the Account box in Settings whenever you need and toggle the account between the two portfolios*.

Since some of Passiv settings are Portfolio Group specific (Allow Sell, Currency settings, Cash Management), you can also decide to apply different settings and rules to each of the portfolios.

*An account can only be in one portfolio group at a time.