Automate Your Questrade Account

Passiv turns your Questrade account into a modern portfolio management tool. Build your own personalized index, invest and rebalance with the click of a button, and seamlessly manage multiple accounts.

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Free Passiv Elite

All Questrade clients can upgrade to Elite for free and get access to these premium features.

  • Place trades directly from Passiv across your Questrade accounts
  • Choose how Passiv manages your assets in multiple currencies
  • Get notified whenever your portfolio drifts out of alignment
  • Manage multiple Questrade accounts as one portfolio

How it Works

  1. Connect your Questrade account

  2. Set up your target portfolio

  3. Let Passiv do all the work

Bonus: Set up a Pre-Authorized Deposit to fund your Questrade account and put your retirement strategy on autopilot.

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Automate your investments

Save time by letting Passiv calculate & execute the trades needed to keep your portfolio balanced.

Maintain your target allocation

Build your portfolio and maintain your target allocation. Use Passiv’s “buy-only” setting to identify the underweight assets in your portfolio or “enable selling” to do a full rebalance.

Performance reporting

See how your investments are performing. Keep track of your portfolio’s growth, value, contributions, dividend payments and more.

Cash management

Use cash management rules to help with dollar-cost averaging. Have greater flexibility and control over the cash in held in your Questrade account.

Passiv uses bank-level security standards

  • Passiv works with Questrade directly to keep your information safe and secure.
  • All information is encrypted and Passiv never has access to your account credentials or personal identifying information.
  • Passiv is an official Questrade partner and using Passiv will not violate your account's terms and conditions.
  • Passiv is GDPR compliant and will never share your financial data with third parties.

Review Passiv's Security page to learn more.