Passiv's Features

Passiv provides all the functionality you need to manage your own portfolio. This page lists all of our features.

  • Goal tracking

    Set your goals, track your progress and run what-if scenarios to help you reach your goals faster.

  • One-click trades

    Save yourself the hassle logging into your broker to place trades. Invest your cash according to your target portfolio and rebalance in one-click.

  • Advanced currency handling

    Have greater flexibility and control over how Passiv treats the currencies you hold in your brokerage account.

  • Portfolio drift notifications

    Set your drift tolerance and get email alerts whenever your portfolio drifts out of alignment.

  • Multi-account portfolios

    Managing more than one account? Group your accounts into one or more portfolio groups and manage them seamlessly.

  • Account consolidation

    Connect and manage your household accounts in one dashboard.

  • Exclude assets

    Use Passiv's exclude feature to set aside your speculative stockpicks from your balanced portfolio.

  • Cash management

    Get more flexibility over how your cash is managed and follow dollar-cost averaging strategies.

  • Performance reporting

    Keep track of your portfolios performance, contributions, dividend payments and more.