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How to Use Manual Trades

You want to place a one-off trade from Passiv? Use our Manual Trade feature.

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How to Set Up Goals and Track Your Progress

This tutorial explains Passiv's goals feature, how you can set up a goal and track the progress of your goals in relation to your investments.

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How to Edit Your Target Allocation

This tutorial explains how to edit your portfolio target allocation in Passiv.

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How to Set up a Target Portfolio

Passiv calculates trades based on your chosen model portfolio – set yours up in just one minute by importing your current holdings or by manually creating a new portfolio.

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How to Rebalance your Portfolio

By default, Passiv will only calculate Buy trades to keep your commissions down. Here is how perform a full rebalance.

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Use the Global Predictions Integration

Enabling Global Predictions metrics and analysis within your Passiv dashboard lets you quickly see your Portfolio Score and Forecasted Returns - quickly communicating the strength and prospective performance of your portfolio. To enable these features, follow this quick tutorial.

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Understanding Reporting’s Calculations

Passiv’s Reporting helps you understand the performance of your portfolio. This tutorial explains the metrics in the Reporting page.

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How to Use Cash Management

This tutorial explains Passiv cash management feature and how you can use it to manage your investments.

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How to Hide Accounts in Passiv

You may have a few accounts that you manage differently and don’t want to see in Passiv. You can decide to hide some of your brokerage accounts to make it easier to focus on your balanced portfolios.

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How to Change Your Currency Handling Settings

Do you have Canadian and US dollars in your portfolio? You can choose how Passiv deals with multiple currencies.

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How to View Holdings Outside Passiv's Brokerage Partners

Passiv has partnered with Wealthica to allow users to have a more holistic view of their investment holdings and be able to account for their entire portfolio in their rebalancing.

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How to Use Asset Classes Models?

Your model portfolios can either be composed of individual securities, or of asset classes. In this tutorial, we will explain what are asset classes, and how to use them to build and manage your portfolio(s).

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How to Connect Your Unocoin Account to Passiv

Unocoin is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India. This tutorial explains how you can connect your Unocoin account to Passiv.

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How to Connect Your Bitbuy Account to Passiv

Bitbuy is one of Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchanges. This tutorial explains how to connect your Bitbuy account to Passiv.

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How to Connect Your Kraken Account to Passiv

This tutorial explains how to connect your Kraken account to Passiv.

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