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Use the Global Predictions Integration

Enabling Global Predictions metrics and analysis within your Passiv dashboard lets you quickly see your Portfolio Score and Forecasted Returns - quickly communicating the strength and prospective performance of your portfolio. To enable these features, follow the quick tutorial below.

Go to your dashboard and click "customize dashboard"

Select "Show Global Predictions Score" and "Show Global Predictions Returns"

Once those are toggled on, return to your dashboard. You'll now see your Portfolio Score and Forecasted Returns.

The Portfolio Score is formatted like a credit score and is a quick way to show how your portfolio is doing. It’s a combination of your personal investment preferences, risk & returns, and macro exposure as a guide for portfolio improvement. The three components of the Portfolio score are:

  1. Risk Match - Current portfolio risk compared to your preferred risk profile
  2. Risk-adjusted Return - Expected performance over portfolio risk (calculated as the Sharpe Ratio)
  3. Downside Protection - Protection against possible scenarios of extreme stress and other sources of tail risk

Forecasted Returns uses Global Predictions’ proprietary models to forecast the future performance of your investments over the next 12 months, across your entire portfolio.

To further improve your risk match and downside protection you can sign up at Global Predictions for a free account if you are a Passiv customer.