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Understanding Reporting’s Calculations

Passiv’s Reporting helps you understand the performance of your portfolio. This tutorial explains the metrics in the Reporting page.

All the calculations on the Reporting page are for the selected account(s) and time frame.

You can change the selected account(s). You will need to click apply in order to filter the data on the selected accounts.

You can change the selected timeframe.

You can change your Settings to show/not show Dividend Information and Rate of Return, change the appearance of your graphs.

If you have Wealthica accounts connected, you can also choose to display them here.

Contributions and Withdrawals

  • Contributions refer to the cash you put in your account(s), and withdrawals the cash that you took out of your account(s).
  • Net Contributions represents the Contributions net of Withdrawals.
  • Contribution Streak gives you information on how often you contributed: number of consecutive months with contribution(s), and number of months you’ve made contributions.

Note: Contribution and withdrawal data are made available at the end of day, so there may be a delay compared to your brokerage data.

Investment Value

  • Total Value is the sum of the value of your positions and your cash. It includes all dividend income.
  • Net Change is the change in your portfolio total value during the period. This number includes contributions, withdrawals, and dividend income.
  • Rate of Return is the Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) of your portfolio during the period, including dividend income. If the selected period is longer than a year, this rate is annualized. TWRR is used as it can be used to compare performance against suitable benchmarks.
  • Investment Growth is how the markets affected your portfolio during the period. This number excludes contributions and withdrawals, but includes dividend income. It is calculated as: Net Change - Net Contributions.

Dividend Information

  • Dividend History is the amount of dividend received in each month during the period. You can hover on each bar to see which securities contributed to the total for the month.
  • Total Dividend is the total dividend received for each security during the selected period.
  • Average Monthly Dividend is the average monthly dividend income earned during the period.
  • Dividend Income is the total dividend income earned during the period

Note: Dividend income data are made available at the end of the day the dividend is received in your account, so there may be a delay compared to your brokerage data.


  • Fees and Commissions are the total amount of fees you paid to your brokerage during the period. These include trade commissions, forex fees, and ADR fees.
  • Estimated Savings on ETF Purchases is the estimated fees you saved by purchasing commission free ETFs rather than stocks.