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How to Hide Accounts in Passiv

While you may manage most of your portfolio using a balanced investment strategy, you may have a few accounts that you manage differently and don’t want to see in Passiv.

You can decide to hide some of your brokerage accounts to make it easier to focus on your balanced portfolios.

Go to Settings and go to Connections & Portfolios. Then drag and drop the brokerage account you want to hide in the Hidden Accounts section.

If the brokerage account was the only account in its portfolio group, the portfolio group will be deleted.

If the brokerage account was part of a multi-account portfolio, this portfolio will not show data related to this account anymore.

If you don’t want to hide the account anymore, go back to Settings, Connections & Portfolios, and drag and drop the brokerage account you want to unhide from the Hidden Accounts section to the portfolio group you want this account to be in (you may need to adjust your targets for this portfolio) or to a New Group (you will need to create targets to this new portfolio).