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How to Restore Connection(s) in Passiv

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot your brokerage account’s connectivity to Passiv.

Because Passiv connects to your brokerage accounts through their API, there may be instances when Passiv is unable to connect. When this happens, Passiv may show spinners or inconsistent data.

Here are some possible causes:

1. Your brokerage's API is down or under maintenance

When your brokerage’s API is down or under maintenance, Passiv is unable to connect to your brokerage. For example, Questrade has daily maintenance on their API between 2am-5am ET. During that time, your account information may not load and you may not be able to establish new connections or fix broken ones.

2. Your brokerage account is not fully set up

If you just created your brokerage account, you may not have completed all the steps required to set up your account at your brokerage. Most brokerages have some eligibility criteria before they allow accounts to connect through their API. This could include minimum account funding, a recent history of trade activity to show that your account is active, etc. In these cases, Passiv may be unable to connect.

3. API access is not enabled on your brokerage account

Some brokerages have switches to enable/disable API access to your account. Creating a first connection usually requires agreeing to new terms of service in order to allow API access. In some cases, you may need to look in your brokerage account settings and manually enable a switch to allow API access.

What to do when your account doesn’t connect:

If your account doesn’t load outside of the API maintenance window and your account is correctly set up, it could be an issue with the API that has caused your connection to break. Try the following:

1. Click the Refresh button.

2. If your account still doesn't load, reauthorize your connection.

In the Settings page, go to Connections & Portfolios.

Find the connection with the issue, and click its Edit button. Then click the Connect button. You will be redirected to your brokerage to reauthorize your connection.