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How to Manage Your Drift Notifications

The markets are known to be volatile and sometimes this volatility is so intense that it causes your portfolio to drift out of alignment, negatively affecting your portfolio's accuracy.

Want to know when your portfolio is out of alignment? This is where drift notifications come in.

Drift notifications help you maintain your portfolio accuracy. Accuracy represents how close your portfolio is to your target. 100% accuracy means that your portfolio perfectly matches your target allocation. Drift Notifications allows you to know when your portfolio accuracy falls below a given threshold.

Go in Settings, then Notifications and check the Drift Notifications box to get an automated email whenever your portfolio’s accuracy drops below the threshold you’ve set.

You can turn off these notifications anytime by unchecking the box.

By default, the accuracy threshold is set to 90% but if you want to change it, click on the Edit button and input the threshold percentage you want.

You will then get notified when your portfolio accuracy drops belows this threshold.