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How to Exclude Stock Picks from Your Portfolio

Index investing is an increasingly popular strategy among investors.

Rather than buying individual stocks, index investors buy index funds. This strategy can be used to diversify your portfolio across asset classes and industries globally.

However, even index investors like to buy an individual stock or two -- and that’s why we created the Asset Exclusion feature. This Elite feature lets you remove these stock picks from your target portfolio.

If you purchase assets in your brokerage account which aren't part of your target portfolio in Passiv, it will throw off your accuracy. You can use this feature to exclude them from your target portfolio and maintain your accuracy.

In the portfolio you want to exclude the asset from, click “Edit targets”.

Find the asset you want to remove, and click the corresponding toggle switch under the Exclude column.

You'll need to adjust the percentages of your remaining assets to your desired allocation.

You can repeat this for any other assets you want to exclude.

When you’re done, click Save.