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How to Manage Your Brokerage Connections

Go to the Settings page and then Connections & Accounts. You can find and edit each connection here. The Connections Settings enable you to:

  • Choose the level of access for each of your accounts. If you’re an Elite user, you can enable trade access to take advantage of One-Click Trades. One-Click Trades allow you to place your trades directly from Passiv at the click of a button instead of having to login to your brokerage to place the recommended trades.
  • Add account connections. This feature allows you to be able to link multiple accounts seamlessly. For example, you may want to manage your spouse’s or childrens’ accounts as part of your portfolio and be able to track the performance of your entire family’s wealth. You can also connect accounts from multiple brokerages if you have investments with multiple brokerages we support.

When you first connect, your connection will be read-only. If you want to enable trade access, click the arrow under Edit, pick Trade from the dropdown menu, and click Connect to re-authorize your connection.

You can always remove trade access by re-authorizing the connection as read-only.

If you want to delete a brokerage connection, just click Delete. Note that all data related to this connection will be deleted and you won't receive any more notifications related to your account(s).

You can add more connections by clicking Add Another Connection.

Choose your brokerage and click Connect to be sent to your brokerage’s site for authorization.