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How to Use One Click Trades

One-Click Trades is an Elite feature that brings your portfolio back in line with your target at the click of a button and helps you allocate new cash from contributions and dividend payments. To be able to use this feature, your accounts need to have trade access enabled.

After Passiv calculates trades to rebalance your portfolio, instead of having to manually enter every individual order into your brokerage, let Passiv make the trades for you.

When you log in to your Dashboard, you will see that the portfolios where trades are available will show an ALLOCATE (buy trades only) or a REBALANCE (buy and sell trades) button, as well as a blue marker next to the portfolio name on the side panel.

In your Dashboard, you can click on the ALLOCATE / REBALANCE button or you can go to the portfolio in question to see the recommended trades.

When you are ready to place the recommended trades, click on Prepare Orders.

Before your order is placed, you will be shown the estimated trading commissions and how much cash will be left after the trades. Click Confirm to place the trades.

In your Settings, go to Notifications, and check Allow One Click Trade Confirmation Notifications to get confirmation emails that your one-click orders executed.

By default, Passiv places market orders. We use this as a default because it ensures that all your orders always get filled right away. If you prefer, you can enable limit orders in Passiv’s Settings>Advanced to use for one-click trades. Turn on Use Limit Orders and set your Limit Order Premium percentage.

Limit orders protect you in the case of high stock volatility by setting the limit price to be a certain percentage above the ask price when buying and below the bid price when selling.

Note: Because of brokerage decimal requirements for price, the limit orders are rounded to the next cent.

Always verify your trades before placing them