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I Am Overwhelmed By Data

I want to see how my accounts are performing, but the data is all over the place. My broker’s interface is so confusing - nothing is where I think it should be and everything is outdated. I just want this to be simple.


Clear Your Vision

Clear and simple tracking of what matters to you. Get easy-to-read reports on your investment growth, fees, dividend income, and more. Always remain in the loop about your performance with notifications.

See The Full Picture

Connect All Your Accounts

With all your accounts in one portfolio, you can track yours, your spouse, and your kids’ accounts together.

Set Your Goals

If you have plans for your investments, choose them as goals and run what-if scenarios to understand how to reach your goals faster.

View Your Reports

Get a visual on how your portfolio is performing. Review your performance with simple-to-read graphs and summaries for any chosen timeframe.

Manage Your Cash Notifications

Cash Notifications keep you informed when new cash or dividends hits your account. Set a Cash Threshold to only receive Cash Notifications when your cash account is more than your chosen threshold.

Setup Your Drift Notifications

As the market moves, your portfolio accuracy will drift from your target. Choose an accuracy ‘drift threshold’ to be tracked by Passiv so when your portfolio accuracy drifts below that threshold target, Passiv sends you a Drift Notification to take action.

Bring Clarity To Your Portfolio

Passiv can remove the clutter so you can see clearly

Try These Features

Multi-Account Portfolios

If you are managing accounts for multiple family members or have more than one for yourself, group your accounts into one or more portfolio groups and manage them in a single unified view.

Goal Tracking

Plan to buy a house, a car, or go to school? Set those as goals in Goal Tracking. Plan for how frequently and how much you need to contribute, your expected return, and time frame for reaching your goal.


Stay up to date when new cash or assets hit your account, stay in the loop about your portfolio performance, and keep informed about effects the market has on your portfolio.

Clear Your Vision

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