Announcement: I'll Be Writing Fewer Public Articles

April 20th, 2015

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This blog post was originally published on the blog by Jin Choi. The website no longer exists, but Jin has graciously allowed us to re-publish his research for the benefit of future investors forever.

Over the past year or so, Ive made a habit of posting a new public article on my blog every Monday. Im using this article to announce that unfortunately, I wont be writing as many public articles each month. In this announcement, Ill explain why.

In the past, besides my public postings, Ive written articles that can be seen only by paying members, as well as articles that can be seen by premium members. However, I havent followed a regular schedule with regards to posting these articles.

Ive always felt that I should post more members only articles, and do so on a regular basis. I originally planned to keep writing a public article every week, and write one members only article and one premium only article each month. That would have meant writing a total of 6 or 7 articles a month. Unfortunately, Ive come to realize that Im not able to deliver on so many articles.

To give you an idea, it takes me roughly 8 hours to write each blog article. Partly, this is because Im a slow writer. Maybe the fact that I didnt learn English as my first language has something to do with it.

On the other hand, my articles are long. Lately, my articles have averaged over 1,500 words, whereas the average newspaper article ranges between 600 and 1,200 words.

Ive tried in the past to limit my word count to below 1,000 an article, but Ive had to abandon that effort. The problem with financial topics is that theyre often more complex than the average news story. For example, a reporter doesnt need to explain what a Prime Minister is when he/she is reporting on what the Prime Minister has done. However, the average Canadian is not familiar with Covered call strategies, so I have to explain what it is before I explain the pros and cons of the strategy.

Although 8 hours is a long time to spend on each article, Im still able to churn out 6 or 7 articles a month. However, it also takes time to answer questions on the Q&A Forum, maintain the servers, conduct financial research, etc. I also plan on introducing new features to MoneyGeek, and developing such features takes a lot of time.

Recognizing that time is scarce, Ive tried to bring other writers on board who would commit to writing regular articles on this blog. I had hoped that a writer or two would contribute a couple of articles a month, and free up some of my time. Unfortunately, Ive had a hard time finding such writers so far.

After some thinking, Ive decided to take another approach to save myself some time. From now on, I will not be writing a public article every week. Instead, I will publish a members only article on the first Monday of each month, and Ill publish a premium only article on the third Monday of each month. I will publish a public article on every other Monday of the month.

The members only articles will follow a set pattern. Each month, Ill explain in plain language something that has lately been influencing the financial markets, and Ill always tie it back to how it may affect the performance of MoneyGeeks model portfolios going forward. For example, Ill explain why inflation has been trending down, and explain how that might affect my view on bonds.

The premium only articles will follow a set pattern as well. Each month, Ill explain , using plain language, some news regarding specific stocks, and relate it back to the premium portfolios.

For the public articles, Ill continue as Ive done and address a diverse set of topics. The only difference is that Ill post less frequently.

Regular readers who are not paid subscribers to this site might be disappointed with the news. For what its worth, I dont want to post fewer public articles either, so Ill keep looking for another writer to join MoneyGeek. To help with the search, Ive constructed a new jobs page that details the type of person Im looking for. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please send them the link.

I have some big plans for MoneyGeek beyond writing articles, but realizing the plans will require a lot of effort and time. In the next months and years, I hope that I can make some of those plans a reality, and I have high hopes that some of those plans will benefit everyone who visits this site.

This blog post was originally published on the blog by Jin Choi. The website no longer exists, but Jin has graciously allowed us to re-publish his research for the benefit of future investors forever.

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