WallStreetBets Hedge Fund

YOLO your retirement in a single click

Invest with the hivemind using Passiv's proprietary collection of Calls and Puts, crowdsourced daily from /r/WSB.

All the chaos of WSB, in one easy fund

Calls and Puts, in one place

Why hang with just one gang? Bears and Bulls work together in harmony at Passiv.

Livestream your losses

Turn your capital losses into social media gains. You're just one GUH away from being the next laughing stock.

Psychiatrist on Staff

We're here to help evaluate your mental state and get you through the tough days.

What YOLOers have to say

"This is simply the fastest way I've ever lost my shirt. Usually it takes months to empty my bank account, but the WSB fund took care of it in just a few days! The margin call hit so fast that I actually owe my broker money. Incredible!"

Alex G.

"The WSB fund really took the wind out of my sails. I was gearing up to buy a yacht, but now I'm looking at credit consolidation loans. I've learned a lot about life and have developed an appreciation for the little things."

Fred B.

This is a Joke

There is no WSB fund and Passiv does not encourage investing in this manner. Nothing on this page should be construed as investing advice. Passiv is a tool to help you keep a balanced portfolio in your brokerage account. It's free to get started and we support a number of leading brokerages.

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