Seamlessly Manage Your Spouse's Account

June 7th, 2018

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So you’ve got your investment accounts on autopilot with Passiv, and you love the ease of making One-Click Trades to allocate new cash contributions. There’s just one problem: you also manage your partner’s account, but you’re not sure how to add their Questrade account to Passiv.

You’re in luck: with just a few easy steps, you can simplify your family’s financial life.

Note that while we’ll be using the word spouse throughout this article, you can follow these steps for anyone whose account(s) you manage.

  1. From within Passiv, click on Settings in the sidebar. (1a. Make sure you’re a Passiv Elite subscriber.)
  2. Scroll down to the Connections box and click Add another connection.
  3. Select your access level (read-only or trading access).
  4. Connect the account - note that you’re sent to Questrade’s website to login, so Passiv never sees your Questrade credentials.

And you’re done! After a few seconds of syncing, you’ll see the new account(s) in your dashboard — making it easier than ever to be your family’s financial superhero.

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