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I’m Missing Investment Opportunities

I struggle to re-invest my cash. I want to re-invest my dividends, but it’s difficult through my broker! I never know if I’ve been issued a dividend, I have to calculate all the trades myself, and then execute them one-by-one. It’s so much work - I’m losing out on my returns!


See Every Opportunity

Let Passiv keep an eye on your cash for you. Be notified when new cash hits your account. In Passiv, notification settings instantly let you know when you can re-invest and what trades to make to allocate that cash effectively, then lets you make all those trades in one click.

Make The Right Moves At The Right Time

Fund Your Accounts

Set up a Pre-authorized Deposit or a bill payment in your online bank to fund your brokerage account(s) consistently. This keeps a steady stream of cash hitting your account for you to invest with Passiv.

Choose Your Cash Notification Settings

Cash Notifications keeps you informed when new cash or dividends hits your account. Set a Cash Threshold to only receive Cash Notifications when your cash account is more than your chosen threshold.

Set Your Cash Management Rules

Re-invest only the amount of your choosing. Use Cash Management rules like ‘Allocate At Most’ and ‘Retain At Least’ to allocate new cash gradually or withhold a specific amount of cash for some future purpose.

Receive A Notification

When new cash hits your account, Passiv sends you a notification to take action.

Review Your Trade Recommendations

Passiv calculates how much of each asset you need to buy to re-invest your cash. Passiv will then preview the trades it recommends for you to review.

Make Your Trades In One Click

With the recommended trades previewed for you, you can then execute all of these trades in a one single click.

Re-Invest At Every Opportunity

Contribute to your portfolio the right way at the right time

Try These Features

One Click Trading

Save yourself the hassle of logging into your broker to place trades, one-by-one. Invest your cash according to your target portfolio and place trades in one-click.

Cash Notifications

To be sure you never miss an opportunity to invest, Cash Notifications send you a notification when new cash hits your account so you can immediately take action.

Cash Management Rules

Using Cash Management rules like ‘Allocate At Most’ and ‘Retain At Least’, you can be sure you are not re-investing too much cash or keep some in your cash accounts for a future purpose.

Advanced Currency Handling

If you hold several currencies in your portfolio, you may be particular about how currency exchange is handled. Get more flexibility to keep currencies separate to minimize foreign exchange fees.

See Every Opportunity

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