Rebalancing Your Portfolio with Ease

Automate your portfolio rebalancing to keep your portfolio investments on target.

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I Have To Do Everything Myself

I have to monitor my portfolio constantly, set my asset allocation manually, and calculate endlessly how many assets I need to buy. That’s before I even execute the trades myself, one-by-one. And sometimes I just forget when my portfolio is out of balance. It takes a long time and a lot of effort.


Simplify The Process

Let Passiv monitor and then notify you when your portfolio changes. In Passiv, you can choose a target for your portfolio which is tracked as the market moves. Notifications instantly let you know when and what trades to make to rebalance, then lets you make all those trades in one click.

Take Control Of Your Portfolio

Choose Your Assets

Choose a target for each asset as a percentage of your total portfolio. This asset allocation target will be tracked by Passiv as the market moves, this is your portfolio’s ‘accuracy’.

Choose Your Drift Tolerance

As the market moves, your portfolio accuracy will drift from your target. Choose an accuracy ‘drift threshold’ to be tracked by Passiv so you always know how your portfolio is performing.

Receive A Notification

When your portfolio accuracy drifts below the threshold target you chose, Passiv sends you a notification to take action.

Review Your Trade Recommendations

Passiv calculates how much of each asset you need to buy to bring your portfolio back to your target. Passiv will then preview the trades it recommends for you to review.

Make Your Trades In One Click

With the recommended trades previewed for you, you can then execute all of these trades in a one single click.

Rebalance More Efficiently

When it’s time to rebalance your portfolio, Passiv has the right tools

Try These Features

Multi-Account Portfolios

If you are managing accounts for multiple family members or have multiple accounts for yourself, group your accounts into one or more portfolio groups and manage them together in a single unified view.

One Click Trading

Save yourself the hassle of logging into your broker to place trades, one-by-one. Invest your cash according to your target portfolio and place trades in one-click.

Drift Notifications

How close your current portfolio is to your chosen target portfolio is called its ‘accuracy’. Drift Notifications instantly let you know when your portfolio drifts from your chosen target due to market changes.

Simplify The Process

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